Bulletin no. 1

Hello, welcome to our initial Bulletin for Hand Printed Photos. Our bulletins are where snippets of news and information will be posted.


A thanks to all who have commented on our blog postings, some interesting comments have been left on our first blog post. You can read them here if you haven’t seen them yet.

Our darkroom relocation

You may have read about our relocating the darkroom, the current state of play is that we had a new location sorted or so we thought… Yes, like all good plans of mice and men this one fell apart at the last minute! Nothing we could do about it except *shrug* and believe that it wasn’t meant to be and the better option will soon appear on the horizon. For us, the slight issue is that our darkroom is now nestling in a variety of packing cases cosseted by bubble wrap! We are unable to print photographs at the moment – aarrgh. Panic not as any withdrawal symptoms have yet to appear and rest assured that we will be back to printing our photos as soon as possible. *repeats to self: we will be back to printing, will be back to printing, will be back to printing*

Meantime we are still able to create our own black and white photographs. *hurrah!*


We have been away for part of June, recuperating our batteries and enjoying visiting people. We enjoyed the heatwave that occurred suddenly and have almost got a suntan now! Did you have a good experience of the heatwave? Why not leave us a comment about your experience.


This has been a Hand Printed Photos production