3 quick reasons why a print border matters

Is a print border or the area surrounding an actual image anything other than just a bit of wasted paper?

Here we give 3 quick reasons why a print border matters:

  1. A print border can isolate a print from its’ surroundings.

    If a print is hung on a busy or colourful wallpaper, a clean border can help to remove visual distractions from interfering with an image.

  2. A print border will assist to protect the actual image.

    Have you ever been shown a glossy picture with sticky thumbprints on it? Doesn’t look good, does it. With a print with the border, fingerprints etc from handling a print can be reduced.

  3. A print border can visually complement the photo.

    Whether it is a hairline stroke around an image or the colour of a mount border, a border can be used to complement the image or even as a contrast.

A print border need not be just a random area around the print. It can be used as part of the overall presentation design of a quality print, additionally protecting the print from marks through handling.

These were 3 quick reasons why a print border matters. We will be revisiting print borders in another article – stay tuned!


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