Quick + easy picture hanging solution

Hanging a picture on the wall can be a problematic task

Picture hooks are a time honoured method and are good at doing what they do, using just a nail can also work. However, both are not without their problems, if only there was a different way to hang a picture…

Hammering nails in a wall is not a fun activity.

Line drawing showing a picture in a frame hanging by a cordHow many time have thumbs been hit with the hammer instead of the nail? How many nails get bent instead of nice and straight. Best not to mention hitting the wall instead of the nail – dented plasterwork anyone? Even if it does work well and you want to move the picture? Hmm, got to do it all over again and your left with a nail in the wall. Lovely. Take the nail out and your left with a delightful little black hole that screams its’ presence, seemingly getting bigger every time you glance over there. Our favourite issue is plasterwork that crumbles away at the merest hint of a nail, giving no support for the nail and really unsightly chasms of missing plaster. Real fun if the property is rented!

Quick & easy picture hanging solution

What if there was a way of hanging a picture without nails and being able to take it down without leaving a mark behind? Well folks, there is!

The Command line by 3M is a quick and easy solution to picture hanging. We won’t claim to be anywhere near the first to ‘discover’ however, the range is really effective. (Full disclosure: we have no association with 3M Command line, other than as a paying customer.) These really have been a life saver for us and we use them all the time. No more crumbling plasterwork for us!

There are a variety of options offered for hanging a picture. We use the Sawtooth Picture Hanger as well as the Mini Hooks. The Sawtooth hanger is meant for frames that have a ’saw tooth’ plate for hanging, though we use them just as well with a cord or wire holding the frame.

Not only do they not fall off the wall with the weight of the picture frame, they really do leave no mark when removed. Honestly, no mark at all! It is now so easy to rearrange a picture display with different size picture frames or even remove a picture from a space entirely.

Short of having an art gallery type of installation, there is no real reason to use anything else. We use this range all the time now (other brands may be available and may work just as well).

The solution

A quick and easy picture hanging solution? Seek out the Command line by 3M and wave goodbye to the hammer and nails!


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