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Hand Printed Photos uses cookies.


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Is an individual user identifiable?

No. We cannot identify an individual on the site. The information provided to us by the cookie(s) is anonymous. This is the same for users who have either emailed us, ‘subscribed’/‘registered’, made comments or are browsing this site.

After users have left the site we do not follow or track.


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We do not seek to identify an individual user of this site – see cookies.

In order to enable a functionality; such as ‘comments’ on a blog page, or to enable a facility; such as email, information provided to us by a user will have to be shared with a third party provider; such as the company providing our email solution. We, like you, have to trust that third party providers respect the privacy of data that is shared with them.

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We do not make public, share or make available, with the exception of information required to fulfil a function, any information a user makes available to us.

We do not sell any information provided.

This includes, and is not limited to, any email addresses, names or content provided to us from the Hand Printed Photos website, however it is supplied.


The content of any messages to Hand Printed Photos will not be shared, for example in a blog post. As another example, we do not share any details of a user who expresses an interest in owning one of our prints.


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For instance, we require an email address to be given when a user contacts us using the Contact Us page. This is to enable us to reply to the user, if needed. Alternatively, if a user registers an interest in owning one of our prints, such as here, we or our third party providers require information from the user, such as a valid email address. This is to enable us to communicate with the user with information about the prints’ availability.


Data provided by a user that is required by Hand Printed Photos or by any of our third party providers, will:

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A user can request to see the data or information they have provided to us.

Hand Printed Photos or third party providers (to the best of our knowledge) do not make any data available to other parties, i.e. the data is not sold, given away or redistributed.


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We have two categories of data/personal information usage:

  • Email ‘Conversations’ Permission
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Email ‘Conversations’ Permission will opt a user in to allowing us to reply to the user via our email about their enquiry and enable us to conduct a ‘conversation’ via email.

Email Marketing Permission will opt a user in to allowing us to send via email: promotion(s); information and/or update(s) about the product or service opted-in to.

Requests for data stored about a user and/or personal information stored about a user can be made via email to: datacontroller@handprintedphotos.uk


We assert our right to the copyright and ownership of our images and to be known as the author of the images.

This applies to our original images, film negatives and prints. Any digital images or digital reproductions of our original images, film negatives and prints are also within this copyright and ownership assertion.

All images on this site (http://handprintedphotos.uk), with the exception(s) of those identified as from other authors, are our own original images. Including any film negatives, prints or any of our original images displayed within another image.

We request that we are credited or referenced in any reposting, tweeting, sharing or other non-commercial re-distribution or personal use of our images. Image credit(s) should read: “©hand printed photos”.

Commercial use of our images is expressly forbidden, without our prior knowledge and consent.

Wherever possible we will credit and/or use under license any images from other sources.


Terms & Conditions

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