Bulletin no. 3

Hallo there and welcome to the third of our bulletins with news from Hand Printed Photos.

New registration list

Have you seen our new page devoted to owning one of our silver gelatin prints? You have, great! For those who haven’t seen it, in essence, we are running a ‘waiting list’ for people who are interested in owning a print. This enables us to let you know directly when prints are available – note; when you join the list, there is no obligation to buy one of our prints. Guaranteed. When you want to have look at more details, the page can be found here.

New pictures added

As promised, we have added a couple of new pictures to our Prints page. Our Five snowdrops makes an appearance along with the first of a small series of prints on daffodils. They can be viewed here, lets us know your thoughts about these and our other black and white prints.


Well, not quite plumbing but more like random pipework! We had been told by the building’s management that some pipework had to be installed, not great but if it had to be done… hmm, it has to be done. What we weren’t quite expecting was to have 20 minutes notice that the plumbers were drilling through a wall into our area, eek. Of course, it had to be into our ‘print finishing’ area which is normally kept rather clean. In spite of us lobbing a random variety of towels etc over equipment and worktops. By the time the ‘holes’ (and we use that term loosely) were drilled through the walls, the area was, well, like a building site.

Large holes drilled by plumbers with rubble pile.
Plumbers drilling – what could possibly go wrong?

We have a picture snap of one of the holes – and this is after the plumbers had ‘cleaned up’.

Long story slightly shorter; we have had to be spending a stupid amount of time cleaning down worktops, shelving units (and contents) along with stripping down and cleaning the equipment. Fun times. Not.

Looking forward to being able to use the area again for print finishing and hopefully we may have slightly more notice for when the holes are actually filled and plastered. No doubt, more on this soon!

Do you have any horror stories about plumbers that will make us feel any better? Let us know!


This has been a Hand Printed Photos production