Bulletin no. 2

Spam – 5 ways to make spam palatable

Making spam palatable, is this possible? It’s very tempting at this point to break out with a dodgy rendition of the Monty Python Spam song, however we will resist the temptation, for now at least! Leaving aside comedy songs and the culinary triumph of spam fritters cooked on an open wood fire (which would be 2 ways of making spam palatable), the spam we should be referring to is the email variety.

Yes, the email and comments spam. As we mentioned previously, in this article, we have been rather inundated with spam comments, along with spam emails. To the point that filtering the messages into obvious spam, obvious genuine emails and others requiring further clarification was taking some time. Time we would prefer to spend on creating our photographs or prints.

The obvious spam messages were promptly quarantined but those needing further clarification were more difficult and far more time consuming – crucially, the possibility existed of quarantined a poorly worded message as spam.

This was a concern to us, so we have installed the reCaptcha system on comments and messages. The downside is that there are a few more pesky ‘steps’ to be taken before submitting a comment or message. However, we trust that you will understand the reasoning behind our introduction of the reCaptcha and that this will not inhibit your messages to us either in the blog or on our Contact Us page here!

As to 3 other ways of making spam palatable: some may suggest covering it in a strong flavoured sauce; or eat it with garlic and onions; others may suggest leaving it in the can :-/ We would still suggest the fritter option!

Data and Cookies Policy

We have made public our initial Data and Cookies Policy which can be found here. This is our initial version which will be updated and expanded to include policies such as terms and conditions of site usage etc. We will keep you posted on any updates. Rest assured that we, and our partners acting on our behalf, are not in the business of collecting data unnecessarily or of marketing any data collected for gain.

Owning one of our hand printed silver gelatin photo prints

At Hand Printed Photos we are taking the first steps in making our black and white silver gelatin prints available for purchase.

These prints are all made on fibre base paper and are only printed by ourselves. Initial details about this can be found here where we are requesting a no-obligation ‘registration of interest’ in owning a hand printed photo.

The registration of interest will put you, a potential owner of a print, on a list of priority applicants which will allow us to inform you directly of when any prints become available for ownership prior to details being unveiled on this site.

All of the prints will be printed by us, here at Hand Printed Photos, and will only be of pictures we have created, from negatives that we have produced. Our photo prints will not be available elsewhere.

So, if you are looking for original artwork for wall display, either in the home or office do see the details here or view some of our prints here.

As always we like to hear your comments or questions which can be posted here or send us a private message here.

Many thanks!


This has been a Hand Printed Photos production