A hand printed black and white selenium toned print on fibre base paper of two mirrored ripening wheat stalks
Wheat #1 – Our hand printed black and white photo of ripening wheat, selenium toned on fibre base paper, one of a series printed by us. Image:©handprintedphotos2016

Print Details:

  • Print style: black and white silver gelatin
  • Paper type: warmtone fibre base
  • Paper finish: gloss
  • Print image size: 7″x 7″ (17.8cm x 17.8cm)
  • Mount window size: 7.5″ x 7.5″ (19cm x 19cm)
  • Overall mount size: 12″ x 10″ (30.5cm x 25.4cm)

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With this in mind, we give you the opportunity here to view our prints prior to knowing any of our views. We initially present the title of the work and the bare bones of the physical aspects of a print. When (if) you are interested in our views about the work or the story of it’s creation, then this can be seen by clicking on the plus sign (+) next to “What we see in the print” panel.

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One of our regular routes took us past agricultural fields, a downside of which was getting stuck behind huge tractors however, the upside was being able to see a crop as it grew! One of the fields was planted with wheat seeds, or is it sown with wheat? – not sure which is correct. As the fields grew we enjoyed seeing the different stages of growth, which we tried to capture in our photographs.

Currently, we have five wheat prints on the site, though these are not the totality of our wheat images. This print titled Wheat #1 is the first to be featured here.

Oddly, Wheat #1 features maturing wheat rather than seedlings or very early growth. What attracted us to this stage of growth is that the covering ‘leaf’ suddenly folds down to expose the whole wheat head.

We wanted the leaf bend or angle to be natural rather than making them to match artificially, so finding two stems that were a match naturally, in angle of leaf, was no easy task. Fields turn out to be surprisingly large when looking for a match. Despite the similarities, each stem still has individual characteristics which is something that we do like – no cloned plants here!

Individuality within a group structure? Illustration of a stage of growth? A visually balanced image? Might be all, might be none. How does our explanation alter your perception of the print?

All of the Wheat pictures are in black and white, printed on a warmtone glossy fibre based silver gelatin paper. These prints are all hand printed by ourselves and we gave them all a post-process selenium tone.

We hope that you will appreciate this and the other prints of the Wheat.

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Each print is from our own film negative and will be hand printed by us, The Printer, in our photographic darkroom. We only use quality silver gelatin fibre based paper for any prints.

Wheat #1


Exclusive hand printed silver gelatin print

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A silver gelatin print from our own photographic darkroom. Created from our original analogue photographic negative, printed on a warmtone gloss silver gelatin paper. Hand printed and selenium toned by ourselves. Archive image quality, presented in an archive quality presentation mount.

Beautiful framed analogue photography at it’s best – exclusively available here!

Supplied mounted and framed.

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