Welcome to our first post on our new blog!

Hallo! Welcome to our first blog post on our new blog! A lot of firsts here so far; another is not to be in the darkroom printing but to be writing this post! So, a big wave goes out to those who subscribed for the blog starting, an equally big wave to those who have arrived from elsewhere *resisting the temptation to add the big subscribe now button in here, aaargh so difficult!* You are all welcome and we will be equally glad to see you when you return!

Our favourite place is in the darkroom, printing – “I love the smell of fixer in the morning” to misquote Lieutenant Colonel Bill Kilgore in Apocalypse Now*. Our second favourite place would be taking a photograph, to be printed… can you sense a theme here?   We could spend all day in the darkroom printing gorgeous silver gelatin prints however we will tear ourselves away often enough to post more articles here on our blog.

Do you have an interest in artisan crafts? Do you have an interest in art or craft items created in very small numbers? Are you intrigued by exclusive home decor? Do you appreciate film photography in a digital world? Would you like to know more about the artisan hand made work or the traditional methods that are still used today?

If the answer is “yes!” then our blog is for you.

Black & white photograph of a group of 3 arranged flowering daisies printed by hand.
Three daisies #1 – A group of 3 flowering daisies, printed by hand.

We will endeavour to have new articles on a regular basis, though not every other day and our publication is not entirely fixed by date – so why not subscribe for notifications of new articles? See what we did there – as subtle as a day-glo sheep! We may even be able to disavow the notion of *darkrooms being full of smelly sustances! There are opportunities to comment after each article or by a direct email. Note that we do not ‘blog’ 24/7 so our replies will not be instant – though we will reply and to reduce the amount of spam comments trying to get onto the system; initially all comments will be approved as relevant before appearing on the page. Would you agree with our efforts to keep the comments relevant? Why not leave a comment, ha!

The essence of our blog articles will be our musings on the picture making, using film photography, photo printing and we hope photo presentation. We are hopeful that our ramblings crafted prose may make some degree of sense and be of interest to you, our readers.

Welcome aboard, looking forward to you visiting again!


This has been a Hand Printed Photos production