Is another photography blog needed ?

Considering that this is could be seen as ‘yet another photography blog’ this may seem like an odd sort of question to ask.

In the grand scheme of thing the brutally honest answer would have to be: no, the world will still turn without yet another photography blog. However, and didn’t you just know that there would be a however or a but, we want to share with you our passion for the printed photograph and how this relates to our hand printed photographs. Even if this means that we are not essential to the rotation of the earth!

Are we a photography blog ?

Black & white silver gelatin print of a single poppy flower, printed by hand then given a selenium tone.
We like the effect of the selenium tone in this black & white silver gelatin print of the single poppy flower.

In one respect, as we only feature photographs then we could be regarded as a photography blog. Why we photograph is a deeper discussion but we cannot paint to the same standard, our drawing leaves a little to be desired and we have never really tried wood carving. Photography is our chosen media for creating ‘art’. Showing our ‘art’ here, then might lead to this being a photography blog.

A lot of ‘photography’ blogs are aimed at other photographers due to leading with photo equipment articles. Quite a number of us photographers just love hearing about new equipment, imagining using the equipment even if purchasing is not a reality and comparing one item to another in minute detail. There is nothing wrong with this and we do look at some of these types of blogs ourselves.

Drifting into the equipment used and available could be an easier option to write about, however, our intention is to be more about the photograph or image itself rather than the equipment. The photograph, the print and specifically our prints. How well we adhere to this, well that remains to be seen.

Y not photography ? – because it’s the Photograph

Our hope is that we will be of interest to people who appreciate the printed photograph or image and may not actually be photographers themselves. Art lovers or print lovers could be the best description we can come up with at the moment. Do you see yourself as an art lover? You can comment on what your interest is: art lover; artisan crafts; into interior design; home makeovers; looking for wall art; office decoration? Do surprise us!

We intend to be about the print, the photographic print – help us stay on course with your comments and your helpful suggestions!


This has been a Hand Printed Photos production