Limited Edition Prints – good idea or not? – Part three

2 more quick reasons why a limited edition is a good idea!

This is the third part of our article on the good or bad of limited edition prints or artwork.

1/ Far too many pictures to have all on sale

Imagine the super successful photographer or artist. They have created lots and lots of artwork. They are all good and there is a demand for any of the artworks. A great position to be in, actually. However, all this imaginary goodness has a downside.

Having all of the successful artworks on sale and available all the time could mean that the artist/printer is inundated with requests for copies. Might it be better to issue an artwork as a Limited Edition? Or just a fixed number of each artwork available.

For our super successful artist, having limited editions of the artwork may act as a controlling factor of the demand for copies. Hopefully making the super success somewhat manageable. Oh, what a lovely situation to be in!

2/ Bored with printing the photo

Yep, strange though it may seem however, one can you imagine printing and reprinting the same image over & over again? A sort of analogue Groundhog Day for a printer! I hope that you’d agree that this repetition would be rather tedious and liable to get somewhat boring.

In this scenario, issuing the print as a Limited Edition would curtail the endless reprinting and, most likely, give a reasonable revenue from the print run.

The printer would then be able to put that image to one side and then concentrate on newer work, if they prefer. Alternatively, just go off and do something different and more exciting!

Those are the two quick reasons why a Limited Edition of prints can make sense. Do you agree with our thoughts? Why not drop us a line or comment to let us know.

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