A black and white photograph of 3 large daisy flowers grouped in front of a dark background, printed by hand on a warmtone fibre based paper.
One of our black and white photographs of 3 daisies, printed by hand on a warmtone fibre based paper.

Print Details:

  • Print style: black and white silver gelatin
  • Paper type: warmtone fibre base
  • Paper finish: gloss
  • Print image size: 7″x 7″ (17.8cm x 17.8cm)
  • Mount window size: 7.5″ x 7.5″ (19cm x 19cm)
  • Overall mount size: 12″ x 10″ (30.5cm x 25.4cm)

Do you like to make your own mind up when looking at artwork?
Do you want to consider it’s merits, or otherwise, in isolation from the artist’s influence?
We believe that what you see in a piece may well be different from the our view.

With this in mind, we give you the opportunity here to view our prints prior to knowing any of our views. We initially present the title of the work and the bare bones of the physical aspects of a print. When (if) you are interested in our views about the work or the story of it’s creation, then this can be seen by clicking on the plus sign (+) next to “Our View” panel.

We trust that you will understand and appreciate our thinking behind doing this. Your views of our work is of interest to us – why not drop us a message with your thoughts! We’d love to hear from you…

This print is one of a small collection of images we made with three daisy flowers. So far, we have two samples that can be seen. The other print can be seen here.

We know they aren’t exotic by any means, common or garden flowers would be an apt term! However, this takes nothing away from the pleasure we get from seeing all their bright happy faces poking out of the undergrowth. A little group of these, even in a print, do help to brighten up a dull day!

Are the top two flowers, the elder flowers? Are they looking down at the young upstart? Or is the one at the bottom asking a question to the other two? On a bad day, it does look like the top two are intimidating the lower flower, or even interrogating him. We try not to look at the print on a bad day. We like them as bright, happy faces to cheer us up!

Three daisies #2


Exclusive hand printed silver gelatin print

In stock (can be backordered)


A silver gelatin print from our own photographic darkroom. Created from our original analogue photographic negative, printed on a warmtone gloss silver gelatin paper. Hand printed and selenium toned by ourselves. Archive image quality, presented in an archive quality presentation mount.

Beautiful framed analogue photography at it’s best – exclusively available here!

Supplied mounted and framed.

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Dimensions 10 × 12 in